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In Hair Becomes Me-installation, artists Rimma Gimpel, Petra Lindholm, Elise Simonsson, and Eva Tordera Nuño use several techniques to show the power and importance of hairdo hairstyles. The work reveals how identity has developed in different hair periods that the artists and their relatives have gone through. At the same time, the piece contemplates the growth of oneself in the common ground created through friendship. The matter of the work is influenced by the different cultural backgrounds of the artists, which the different art disciplines bring together in the installation. The topic is strongly linked to relationships and reflects on how the individual becomes a community member.


Installation: Video, photography, wood, sisal-fibre, ready-made. 

Ivan Kulvik did the woodwork, and Severi Haapala did the light design.

Video in Vimeo, password: frisyr

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