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How to write about things that are happening when they only appear when they are gone? This place forces you to think, and it forces you to exist. But it does it with gentle hands, it unveils the secrets little by little if you give it your time and your existence. Shared place and time made us visible to each other. The yard turned into a common living room, and the coincidental discussions combined our midsts. 

—Excerpt from the script by Elise Simonsson. 



Luna moth combines different art fields into a story of time and place in Hagen and Ramsholmen, in the old Summer theatre & Villa Snäcksund in Finland. It was presented to the audience in one single occasion. The format was a videomapping projected on the surface left from the old open-air theatre. 


Luna Moth was created by the collaboration of artists from different disciplines who shared Villa Snäcksund residential area in Ekenäs between 2009 and 2012. 

Linked fragments of excerpts of Luna Moth. 

Ramsholmen openair theatre photographed during the period of a year. Images used in the videomapping.

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